Currently, I am a senior at Brooklyn College studying Computer Science. I enjoy building things using the MERN/PERN stack.

Skills I bring to the table

  • Frontend

    Since junior year of college, I've had the pleasure of working with both React and vanilla JavaScript, building both simple and complex web apps that solve my day-to-day problems, for example, tracking my budget.

  • Backend

    Discovering how to work with the backend during my senior year of college allowed me to grow as a developer and implement more complex logic to my current and future projects. One such project is a bug tracker.

  • SEO

    I believe having some knowledge of Search Engine Optimization is a great skill to have because it allows you as the developer to build better websites that search engines such as Google can understand and rank better.

Things I've built

twetwe image

Twe Twe

TweTwe (Pronounced T we T we) is a social media platform that is similar to Twitter that was built using the mern stack. Users are able to create content, like, comment, and follow other users. Keep in mind that this is an MVP and some notable Twitter features are missing.

korecss image

IOI Gaming

IOI (Pronounced Eye-O-Eye) is a fictional e-commerce platform that was built for gaming enthusiast to hunt for deals. As a shop owner you are able to managed everything from the admin area including adding products, view orders, and much more. The project was built using mern.

offset image


OffSet is a platform that compares the carbon footprint between reusable and non-reusable items. In the app, users can compare between items and see graphically which item is more environmentally sustainable. Users can save their favorite items by creating an account.

Budget Tracker image

Budget Tracker

The entire purpose of this project was to test my knowledge of vanilla JavaScript and my understanding of the DOM. Once I was able to keep track of different components and my code was not spaghetti code, I moved on to learning libraries such as React.

My little story

eli sultanov image


my name is Eli Sultanov. Currently, I am in the last year of my bachelor's program, majoring in computer science. I've been programming since I was ten years old and, the very first language I played with was visual basics. I followed some YouTube tutorials and ended up building a simple web browser powered by the gecko engine (the same engine firefox uses).

A decade later and I am still as passionate about programming as I was back then. Today I primarily work with the web, building web apps using tools such as, React, Node.JS, and I am always on the lookout for new tools that help me build my projects faster.

PS: This site was built using Next.js.